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We have been working hard to get our store ready for welcoming you back. You'll notice some new measures in place throughout the store to ensure your shopping experience is as safe as possible. Including:

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Our entrance has complimentary hand sanitiser available and we ask that you use this upon entry & exit from our store. Additional hand sanitisation stations will be able available throughout the store and we encourage these to be used.

Up To 2 Members Of A Family

We ask that you only visit our store as 2 or less people per group.

Social Distancing

We have social distancing reminders throughout the store and we ask that you adhere to these during your visit

Extra Cleaning

We have implented extra cleaning throughout our store, concentrating on high touch ares such as door handles, counters, card machines etc..

Restricted Shopper Numbers

We will monitor the number of people in our store to prevent overcrowding. The maximum number of shoppers permitted in store at one time is 10.

Card Payments Only

At this time, we would prefer payments to be made via card, although we will accept cash where required. Pin pads will be regularly disinfected.

Face Covering

We ask that all customers wear a face covering whilst in store.

For the forseable future, our new opening hours will be:

Monday - Saturday| 10am - 4pm

If you have any questions regarding our new measures, please contact via messenger or email: